Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beans and 'Maters

We've got beans! And we've got tomatoes!

I planted the beans on April 27, and they sprouted within a week. All but one are about 4" tall right now! These are green bush beans, planted according to the square foot method. The pots are about 1 cubic foot.

I also planted carrots on April 16, and lettuce on April 17. But they're barely coming in now, so I think the cold got 'em. I plan on replanting those containers this week. Green onions went in on April 24, and they're having issues, too.

The Topsy Turvy I got for a few bucks on clearance was put into service on Mother's Day. It was really easy to use, but I wish I'd thought to rig the rope before I filled the container. (The effects of my unfortunate concussion remain, although I am getting better, thanks.) The plant is growing "up" (I've heard they do that to counter gravity), and away from the sunlight, which I find strange. I think it'll straighten out as fruit grows, and will remain out of the reach of predators.

In retrospect, I think next time I'll wait to plant the carrots, lettuce and onions an extra week. The charts from do clearly state they're guidelines only. There's still time to get some nice vegs from my pots.

However, in all fairness, I can't blame the plants. I'm blaming the dang rabbits again this year.

We don't have as many, thank goodness! But the ones we have are vengeful things. Due to circumstances beyond my control, at least seven babies were killed on our property. Hawks, dogs, whatever. We cleaned them up and sprayed rabbit repellant, but Momma or Daddy keeps coming back to dig.

The other day, we discovered they had chosen my newly-planted patio pot to try to burrow a warren. Are you kidding me?! This is only 2.5 feet high. After destroying everything except the vinca and the garlic chives (yep, they won't die), the rodent dug straight from the middle to the side.

I guess it got annoyed when it hit resin, because the hole was abandoned and in no condition to be a permanent home. I was ticked. I'll have to get new flowers and herbs, but in the meantime, I put hardware cloth around the pot, and sprayed the heck out of it.

Can you believe I saw that rabbit yesterday, inching up to the top of the pot? Stupid rabbits. I'm considering allowing #1 to get that airsoft gun, after all.

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