Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to My Garden!

Welcome to My Omaha Garden!  There's always something going on outside. 

My garden is in far west Omaha, Nebraska, USA.  Zone 4 or 5, depending -- we're right on the line, but I like to plant for both.  Honestly, we inherited some fantastic planting beds with this suburban yard.  We've got bushes, perennials, variety of trees, and a pretty darn good lawn.  I planted bulbs, and have divided irises, daylilies, and hostas.

And we have wildlife.  Rabbits, of note.  In 2010, they were the worst I'd ever seen.  That was the year of deep, long-lasting snows, and the rabbits ate anything they could find (especially halfway up bushes and trees), and did what rabbits are known for doing in their warrens during the bitterly cold blizzards.  That meant destruction and many, many new rabbits.  We deal.

We've also got birds.  There's a 2-year-old purple martin house in the yard.  The former owners had one, and that explains the planting beds with insect-attracting flowers.  I put one up, with mixed results.  The cardinals love the crabapple tree.  It's a messy tree, but sure provides lots of winter food for our feathery friends.  I've made crabapple jelly successfully; it was pretty tasty.  No other fruit trees.

Recently we've become victim of playground for black squirrels.  As if the brown ones weren't mischievous enough!  These new boys are mean, loud, and real agitators.  They're going to have to play nice if they want to stay here.

I dabble in square foot gardening, and have had both good and bad years for tomatoes (once I figured out how to keep the rabbits out).  I'm venturing into other vegs, and have an herb pot on the patio.  There were some wild strawberries in the back of the yard, but I keep pulling them.  I love strawberries, but I don't want them to take over just so the birds have variety in their diets.

Stick around My Omaha Garden.  Enjoy the view.  Put your feet up.  And if you have any questions, just ask!

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