Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Tuesday -- Cheep Rates! Free Rooms!

I'm linking up with Garden Tuesday at Sidewalk Shoes!

I should have put up the "Free WiFi" sign. My neighbor suggested it after the tornado, when the purple martin house was, shall we say, vacated.

That was okay, since sparrows had overtaken it, anyway, and I hoped they wouldn't return.

After the "straight line winds" (ha!) ripped through, the neighbors' purple martin houses remained viable, and we saw what seemed to be increased martin activity. Hope lived!

Then, Sunday night we got some pretty severe wind and rain. The cupola came loose, but did not go missing again, thank goodness. Since we expected more storms Monday night, and I didn't want the thing to disappear, I lowered the house, pole by pole, to address the issue.

There she sits, at about 6 feet.  The water in the poles needed to dry out.  And with more intense weather coming, why raise it?  It's not like there are birds living in it, anyway.

I got nothin'.  Just a few droppings, left, I presume, as a statement of their opinion of my offer of housing.  I suspect the sparrows returned.

This is the second year we haven't had a colony.  We almost had them, but for the dadgum sparrows!  It's so late in the season, I just might clean it out again and pack it away till next year.  Too bad, especially since there are so many bugs this year.

Next year there will be two signs:  "Vacancy!" and "Free WiFi."

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  1. Hehehe! Free WiFi... Love it! What might really draw those martins would be the continental breakfast available. :)

    I hope you get the martins next year!

  2. It's still attractive even though it's vacant at the moment. Good sense of humor about it!

  3. Nice to find another Nebraska blog! I am in Lincoln and just started blogging this Spring. We have tried to attract Purple Martins too, but get only Sparrows and Starlings. We finally gave up. Hope you have better luck!!

  4. I am not sure I have every knowingly seen a martin! I hope for better luck for you next year!

  5. I love bird houses in the garden. I keep thinking I need to put up one like this.

  6. Adorable bird house! Better luck next year. :)

  7. Thanks for linking up! Love the "Free WiFi" suggestion!!

  8. We have a purple marten house and nary a purple marten--all swallows! I need to read up on when to clean it out and when to put it out for real purple martens to nest before the dive bombers arrive!