Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Garden Tuesday -- Definitely Getting to Be Fall

Officially, autumn begins on Friday.  But already, there are signs that the season is upon us.  There is a tree halfway through the neighborhood that was bright red a week ago.  Not sure how that's happening, since all the other trees are still bright green or just starting to turn yellow.  The red tree was notice to look for other signs soon.  Here are some of the things I found in my yard.

Spiders are staking their claims.  You can tell the kids don't use the play fort anymore.  This is a huge web that went up about a week ago.  No critters in it that I've seen, but it catches the breeze and all kinds of leaves.  That must've been one big and hungry spider.  Eeee!

The crabapples are starting to turn red!  In past years, I would pay the boys $1 per half-bag of crabapples picked off the tree, because they (the fruits) got so messy.  This is a good harvest, especially since I really pruned it well last year.  Now it's not so messy, and I won't pay for the cleanup.  I actually like the winter birds that hang out for a nosh.  And I might make another batch of crabapple jelly this year.

No leaves turning color on our property yet.  Can't wait for the red maple out front to start turning.  It's just about six feet tall now, and every year it gets more vibrant.

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  1. Fall is showing up slowly but surely here!

  2. EEK! Spider web! That is big! I have some in my cold frame, but I don't intend to face them if I don't have too. Been asking Hubbie nicely. Hehe... Soon to beg! :)

    Take care,

  3. Dee, I know, right?! Notice how far away I was with my camera? I'll have #2 go up there with a broom this week. We get the brown wooly spiders, which can be dangerous when they bite, but I'll spray it well first. Should have had Brad the Bug Guy do that when he was here last week.

  4. I'm not that far away from you in southern Iowa - and we're seeing some of the same things! The spiders are really bad this year! I wonder if that means we'll have a hard winter or something?

  5. don't your wild birdies eat the crabapples on the trees? would love to know! xoxo, tracie

  6. Some of our trees are beginning to turn. I love this time of year! Jean

  7. Fishtail, yes. "I actually like the winter birds that hang out for a nosh."

  8. Thanks for linkikng up! I am so ready for fall!