Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tomatoes: Where Are the Best Plants?

Has anyone tried the Tomato Tree? There aren't many details about how it grows, but the web site says it grows to 8 ft.  The video shows plants that appear to be "trees," but I think they're just staked extensively.  I can see how that would get to 8 ft in a summer.  Lotta hype about tomatoes.

I didn't have any luck with tomatoes last year.  I used my Topsy Turvy -- the first year it produced a fair amount, but last year it produced nothin'.  The plants were the issue, I believe.  And while I'm all about buying quality plants this year, I won't buy from the same source.

Plant sale fundraisers are great as long as you get healthy plants.  We've purchased hundreds of dollars worth of plants from the one at my son's school in the past 5 years or so.  But I can't do that anymore.  The plants offered are supposed to be from the area's best supplier, but we've had some non-productive and non-growing ones in recent years.  The first blooms fade, and that's it.  Or the tomatoes just don't grow.  Or the ivy dries up and becomes a bird nest.  Times and finances are in their own state of topsy turvy around here, so my choices need to be more practical.

What's your best source for garden plants in the Omaha area?  Where are the best tomato plants?

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