Monday, June 27, 2011

A River Runs Through It

Our property is about 1/4 acre in a suburban neighborhood, on a corner lot, halfway up a hill, backyard higher than front.  We get drainage from the properties further up the hill, and the ones in our cul de sac.  To control the runoff, the builders, or perhaps one of the two former owners, graded the backyard so that rain and sprinkler water are routed out the side gate, across the side lawn, and down the hill via sidewalk and street.  The grading is below the level of the house, which helps keep waters away from the basement.  It's a very good plan, even works.

When we get heavy rains in a short time, like last night, the drainage grade is obvious.  It does its job, and guides the water out.  Last night's rains created a small river in the yard.  We could see a strong flow across the yard and out the gate.  As it should be.  This was the first time I'd seen the yard water flow like that.  In the springtime, the melting snow and ice slowly seeps into the ground and moves under cover, so it's not that noticeable (until it freezes into a mini ice rink, which is fun to imagine garden gnomes on). 

It gave me pause to think about the flooding just 10-15 miles east, along the Missouri River.

We are fortunate not to be directly affected by the floodwaters.  The threat looms for most of the summer.  The existing floods, and those to come, will remain until fall, at least.  I simply cannot imagine.  We pray for those displaced, losing land and property, and feeling devastated.  Water can bring devastation.  It can also bring life and hope, although right now that may not be comfort for many.  Know that you are cared for, and prayed for.

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