Friday, June 24, 2011

Varmints! Where Are You Hiding?

This update is overdue, sorry.  But it's not bad news, and it might be good news.

Brad from Advanced Pest, my favorite bug guy, came out in April for the semi-annual treatment.  More on that below.  When I made the appointment, I explained that the voles appeared to be back and had recently burrowed under the air conditioner in the corner.  We decided I should do another apple test before the appointment, and he would come prepared with bait.

Within two days, the entire apple eighth was gone!  So we knew they were there for sure.  And that the apple test does work when said varmints are hungry enough to set aside their mind games.

Brad put down the same bait he used last year, and sprinkled it into the hole, too.  And after a week I went back to check, to find that much of the bait was gone, and there was no recent activity in/out of the hole.  There are no other vole holes near that area of the property. I'm choosing to believe they have met their demise, and are not just hiding.  All hail the bug guy!

So we have our house treated for bugs twice a year, April-ish and late October/early November.  Depending on the weather, of course.  Brad sprays outside the perimeter, across each threshold, inside the garage and at the garage doors.  Then he sprays around the perimeter of each floor, at the (exposed) joists in the basement, and really well around the dishwasher and sink in the kitchen.  I swear to you that the only bugs I have seen are flies that sneak in, and they die quickly.  Oh, I did see one of those tiny ants at the sink, but it was brought in on something that got put in the sink. 

We used to "do it ourself," every 10 weeks, with poor results.  We had those wooly brown spiders in the basement, all kind of ickies everywhere, and -- what prompted me to call Brad -- swarming ants.  Yeah, not good.  So I recommend a professional twice-a-year service, and I recommend Brad with Advanced Pest Management.  No web site, but he's in all the "books."

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  1. Oh man! I'll have to give him a call. We don't have a Vole problem but we've got spiders! YUCK! They seem to be everywhere in our house and all different kinds too! Blechhhh!