Thursday, June 23, 2011

Surviving the Storm

Monday night, huh?  Wow!  TD Ameritrade Park was evacuated in the middle of a College World Series game when the tornado sirens went off.  They went off in our neighborhood, too, and we felt the brunt of Mother Nature.

"It" (officially being called "straight line winds") went right through my backyard, downing four fence panels on each north and south side.  It took out my neighbor's whole fence, uprooted a 100' pine, and went on down the row, smashing fences and trees mostly.  Tuesday there was a constant hum of chain saws and chipper/shredders.

We were very fortunate that no one was hurt, and that damage was really minimal, mostly minor landscaping.  The boys and I cleaned up unfamiliar branches and twigs from the lawn and bushes, and piles of someone's asphalt shingles from the circle (we don't know who they belong to).  We found the grill cover and dome in different parts of the yard.  The cupola from my purple martin house disappared, but the gal across the street found it on someone else's property.

Our yard is back in order, looking nice, actually, after all the rain and cool wind all week.  The martin house is vacant, but open for business again.  My funny guy neighbor suggested a "Free WiFi" sign.  I don't think I'd be moving back, if I were a martin.

Tornadoes are not to be taken lightly.  "Straight line winds," my eye. 

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