Friday, June 24, 2011

Update on the SFG

My square foot garden survived the "straight line winds" and is starting to show a little promise.  I don't want to show you pics because they're a bit depressing.  To me, anyway.

The bush beans are doing well.  They get plenty of rain and human watering, bloomed, and are getting little beanlets on them.

I laugh at my green onions.  It almost looks like grass seed that was tossed on "rocky soil" and didn't take off.  I'm hoping the onion part below the soil is coming through for me.

The leaf lettuce -- HA!  I planted 8, and 2 started to come up.  So I scratched the rest of the SF pot, and planted 6 more.  About 5 plants are trying to grow, and are about 2" across.

And the carrots were no-shows, so I replanted 9, and 4 are trying to grow. 

The tomato in the Topsy Turvy looks healthy!  It's grown more than the ones down the street have, and I'm encouraged by that.  The plants are getting heavier, and starting to straighten down.  I've heard the problem with this kind of planter is that sometimes the branches split when they fall down.  I'm praying.

Seriously, it's late June already.  We've had warm, sunny weather for the most part (okay, 4 days of high-90s in there).  Plenty of water, but not too much.  The soil was the 3-part mix recommended, and I have no weeds.

What should I have done differently?

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