Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can You Fry An Egg on Grass?

It's been so hot here.  Thursday we reached 99, although one bank sign showed 102.  The night before, it thunderstormed, bringing a good rain.  By the end of the day, things were parched.  DH's lawn sprinklers were on the fritz, and didn't turn on, so the lawn bore a good brunt.  Not for not trying.

Because they didn't turn on automatically, the lawn got a little yellowy.  DH mowed it (high, of course -- the lawn, that is), and turned on the sprinklers to "test," 10 minutes per zone.  They went on.  And they turned off without our knowing, and didn't turn on again in the morning.  And so on.

But today -- TADA!!  DH discovered the wires on the control panel weren't quite connected right.  I suspect foul play.  DH suspects they just loosened over 7 years.  Whatever.  The lawn still got yellow, and fireworks are legal now.  Just what I hoped to avoid.  It'll take a few days of good watering to eliminate the fire hazard.  Fingers crossed.

My beloved second son was supposed to be watering my garden plants each morning and evening until the sprinklers started to kick in.  The sprinklers are positioned to hit the pots just so.  Hmm.  Well.  It may take more water.  I'm just starting to see big leaves on the lettuce.

That's one of my square foot pots.  Utilitarian.  These are two plants of leaf lettuce that have taken this long to get this big.  The whole pot was planted.  After the pretty pic, I put a cage around the top of the pot to keeps the stupid rabbits out of it.  Doesn't look like they've chewed anything here yet, but better safe than sorry.  And I'll be personally overseeing the irrigation from now on.

Looks like summer's heat is here to stay.  The 4th of July weekend should be nice, but midweek will likely be in the 90s again.  We may need to venture to the pool one evening.  And pull out the solar oven!

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