Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flooding Photos

Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa are experiencing awful flooding this year.  Upstream in North and South Dakota, they are, as well.  The heavy mountain snow melt is flooding the rivers up north, and they're flowing from Canada, too.  To relieve the floods, the Army Corps of Engineers is opening dams along the Missouri River throughout the region, which has created a really bad situation for us.

The Mighty Mo is very winding in this area, and doesn't allow for quick flow to the south.  This causes levees to overflow and break, and surrounding farmland and communities to flood.  Badly.

David Henry send a link to some photos that were taken by local photographer Rick Anderson last week (June 27, 2011) of the flooding in the area.  These pictures are amazing and shocking.  This is a small urban area  Floodwaters are expected to rise even more this weekend (July 4).

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