Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter In The Garden

Yesterday we were hit with the first sticking snow of the season in Omaha.  It was messy.  Streets were tricky, and the white blanket was beautiful.

Here's the side of the long side fence, which takes on a whole new appearance after snowfall.  The pickets are nearly bare below the what you can see.  I found this intriguing.

It's like icing on a cake.  Or maybe foam on a beer.

Don't mind the fallen pampas grass.  It's not my favorite plant, anyway.  It's retaliating after attempted herbicide.

Enjoy your coming winter season.  This time of year is truly Advent, anticipating so many things: Christmas, cozy winters at home, perhaps a trip to Florida.

Share your garden pics and enjoy the others at  Garden Tuesday.

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