Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Garden: You Can't Get Garden From Ice

It's 5 degrees with a wind chill of -15 this morning.  We've still got several inches of last weekend's storm on the ground.  It's difficult to get into the gardening spirit when the ground is rock hard. And yet, it's the perfect time to get started on some cold-hardy seedlings inside for planting in a little while outside.

Part of my "gardening" right now, in the middle of February, is the decision process on how and where to grow my food plants. For my veg garden, I use the square-foot method, in my 1' x 1' x 1' pots. (They currently host the three pine seedlings in the garage / on the driveway.) I've checked that I have enough ingredients for soil replenishment; that's ready to go.

Since my square foot pots have taken a beating the last few years, I'm considering getting a Mini Grow Bed from Gardener's Supply.  It's a 18" x 3' x 10" raised bed, a great size for modified square foot gardening.  I'm thinking the rigid rabbit screening would still be manageable on this size.  Get free shipping at Gardener's Supply company on orders over $75! Expires 3/8/12.

I'd love to plant some broccoli this year, and if I start the seeds in the next week or two, I can plant them in time for a young harvest before it gets too hot.  While seeds are showing up in the stores now (even the grocery store produce departments!), a good place to get better quality seeds is Burpee. They have such a variety of seeds, and new eco-friendly self-watering seed-starting kits. For a couple more weeks, get $5 off Orders of $30 or more with code FSA12, thru 2/29 at

I also used a Topsy Turvy for tomatoes last year, and had some success with the growth, but not with the fruit. Rabbits will continue to be a problem, so hanging the plant out of reach may still be the best solution. A new source of plant will probably be helpful.

Oh, the dreaming.  Planning, practicing "visualization," and hoping for an early thaw this spring!

What are you doing this week in your garden?

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