Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Garden: A Time For Planting!

The three white pine saplings have been planted!  In containers, temporarily, till they can be replanted in the spring. The ground was too frozen.  And since we're giving them away, anyhow, I thought my square foot containers would be perfect, and the soil was already prepared! 

So last Thursday, when it was 66 degrees, I planted them, gave them a big gulp of water, and set them in the sun to get comfy.  Now they live in the garage, protected from night frost and winds.  Thankfully, we still don't have brutal cold yet.  Knock, knock, knock on wood.

Here's how they look when you get them from the Farm:

And here he is all snug in his rabbit-free home:

All three of the boys enjoyed a good sunbathing when the sun came around the house:

Yes!  Those are cords to my Christmas lights!  I took them down later the same day, so don't be hatin'.   Since we've been having such beautiful weather, the pots are going out on the driveway quite frequently.  It's supposed to get pretty frigid later in the week, though, so maybe just an hour or two, then scoot back into the garage.

I guess there really are things to plant in the cold Nebraska winters, after all!

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  1. Hi there! It's very exciting to see people in the area posting their garden adventures. I am getting antsy to start some seeds! I was hoping winter was just going to skip us this year, but after this week, it obviously had other plans :). I'm in SW Omaha and will check out your blog this season. Happy gardening!