Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Garden Tuesday: Blossom End Rot -- Uck!

"It's always somethin'." -- Rosanne Rosannadanna's grandmother

And right now it's blossom end rot.  Funny thing.  I bought both of these tomato plants at the same time, same variety, same store.  Planted them the same, water them the same.  One gets BER and one doesn't.  I mean, clearly one is healthier than the other.

The healthy one has some huge fruits which I look forward to enjoying.  The unhealthy one has produced several (6-7) small (1-2") fruits which have turned red and rotted out.  At least I have the one, and I just wish the tomatoes were ripening, already.

How's your tomato crop this year?


  1. Sorry for all your heat and lack of rain. This summer has been a real stinker for many. Funny about your tomatoes being different given same conditions. I have six tomatoes in pots, two each of three varieties, same potting mixture. Four are doing great, one so so and one that looks really puny but has large tomatoes on it. Go figure.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

    1. I thought maybe if I started my own from seed that would help, but I have not been successful at that. Well, something to aspire to, I guess. :D