Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garden Tuesday: Too Hot To Think About

We are wrapping up the driest July on record, with less than 1/100th of an inch of rain in Omaha.  It's also been the hottest I can remember wherever I've lived (including the Southeast).  High 90s and over 100s for most of the month, and I'm tired of it.  The lawn is tired.  The whole yard is tired.

The weeds, however, love it.  Those creepy-crawly, manhole-cover weeds are thriving, no matter how often we get the whole roots.  I decided to spare you the pics.  So I got nothin' this week.  Just prayers for rain and staying inside.  Fortunately, we've been able to adjust the home temps for a little bit of energy savings.

Sorry for the puny post, dry as the weather.  Also, I realized I didn't link up last week!  Ack!  HERE'S that post, which actually has pics of my tomatoes, which are improving and starting to turn red finally.

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  1. Hot and dry doesn't help the garden much, does it? Hoping for rain for y'all soon!

  2. I hear you. We finally got some rain this morning.