Friday, March 29, 2013

A Weird Outside Week

Single-digit wind chills early in the week, 68 degrees yesterday..... welcome to Omaha weather!  It's been difficult to plan because of odd weather patterns.  Last year it was consistently in the high 70s and low 80s at this time -- I remember explaining to our European exchange student that no, this was not typical weather, but yes, enjoy it while you can.

The grass is suffering from the pushme-pullyou weather, with brown patches and footprint freezing.  And trash blown about on Wednesdays always ends up in our north side yard (that's what boy children are for, right?).  No buds on the trees yet, and no bulbs pushing up, either, which surprises me.

I'll try to clean up two back flower beds, the one closest to the house/windows and the one that hosts the bird house, this weekend or maybe Monday while #1 is still home on spring break.

My DH kindly brought the purple martin house and pole down from the outside attic last weekend.  Today I'll will wipe it off, and get out in the yard to clean up the pole hole where it will be raised.  Saturday it must go up.  April 1 (Monday) is the theorized arrival date of scouts to the Omaha area.  I doubt they'll be here then, because they're smart birds, but I want to put out the welcome mat. Plus, there haven't been many posted sightings yet in southeast Nebraska.

This year we have one less tree in the backyard, which opens up a flight path.  In that same area a few years ago, the fence was knocked down by a "non-tornado" and I saw purple martins enjoying their freedom until the fence section went back up.  So I have high hopes this year!

And if they choose not to take advantage of the amenities I provide again this year, then I believe I will sell the house and pole and wipe the dust off my feet.  We'll also plant a replacement tree.

That's what's happening in our yard.  Share your garden pics and enjoy the others at  Garden Tuesday.

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