Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Less Gardening For Me This Year

I'm making a lot of changes in my life these days.  Among them are measures to make my life easier.  Last fall I decided to ditch the decrepit square foot containers and skip that this year.

My tomatoes didn't really produce the last couple of years.  And last year I bought better quality plants.  *shaking head*  The lettuce was iffy.  The carrots never grew, nor the onions.  We're eating more organics these days, but I'm finding great deals in the stores that make vegetable gardening moot.  Sort of.

I do, however, enjoy fresh herbs.  I bought a healthy chive plant from the grocery store last fall, but I put it at the kitchen window, which faces north, and it died from low light and cold.  I have no south-facing windows, by the way, except a skylight in the boys' bathroom (ew!).  So this year I decided to start thyme and rosemary from seeds, and they are just beginning to come up, by an east-facing window, hidden behind the TV.  (I tell you, this house is just not set up for plants!)  I used organic seed starter potting mix with fertilizer.  Sounds like an oxymoron, but it's working well.

Also starting are aubrieta, which are perennials, so a good start will assure years of beauty, right?  RIGHT?  The package shows purple flowers, which will go nicely with the rest of the yard.  Fingers crossed.

I want to share what my DH got me for my birthday.  It's the perfect thing!

It's a stepping stone!  There are some really cool things about this.  Our house is medium/dark green with cream trim and patio awning; there is a faux green finish to the "stone" with creamy-gold accents.  We have bright orange day lilies in our yard; this brings that element to another part of the yard.  Many of the accent flowers in our yard are purple; the purple butterfly is perfect.  And who knows....maybe that butterfly will finally attract purple martins to the house!  We do have a stepping-stone path through the flower bed under the crabapple tree.  There is a bare spot in another part of that bed, and this will fit it just fine, thankyouverymuch.  Thanks, Honey!

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  1. I'm with you completely! I don't grow any veggies (well a few hot pepper plants in pots) - it's all herbs for me.