Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spring 13 Blooms

Here's what's happening in my garden these days:

These irises usually don't bloom till July!  And they have spread so much in one year!  I didn't plan that.

The irises are lighter this year.  Usually they're very dark purple, nearly black.  Did this happen because I divided them?

New plant.
To the left in the same bed as the irises.  DH's weather station, and the hostas, aka "bunny salad bar," doing better this year.
The crabapple tree!  Nicely trimmed and top still bearing fruit.  Still provides lots of shade, but in a better way.

Under the crabtree, there's this downspout on the corner of the sun room.  We have had so many problems.  Hopefully, this will help resolve them.  I am concerned about varmints climbing up the spout like a little ladder.  Any suggestions?  It's about 5" diameter.

On east-facing wall of back of the garage.  I planted catnip here; I hope the cats will scare the rabbits away!  Should grow about a foot or two high, hide the ugliness, and attract the kitties.

My patio pots.  The fuschia isn't standing upright, but I love 'em this year.

Two years ago we had terrible flooding.  Last year we had terrible drought and heat.  This year it is beautiful weather, including just enough evening rain so that we haven't had to run the sprinkler.  The squirrel diggings were reseeded, and look full and lush (look behind the patio pots; that was all dug up last fall).

Here in Nebraska, we tend to complain about the bitter cold of winter, then turn around and complain about the oppressive humid heat of summer.  I've been purposely not doing that, and these days it's easy to just enjoy the blessings of the weather.  Husker Sangrias on the shaded evening patio at 78 degrees?  Yes, please!

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