Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cheap Fix for Stumps!

Not sure what happened with the stump contractor.  We had to reschedule a few times.  The guy is related to the guy who cut the trees.  I sent payment and never heard back.

Then, as we were waiting for better weather, I noticed the stump area in the back, where the tree was removed last fall, still had shoots coming up.  Messages were left at both businesses asking if I should retreat with stump rot before they come, after they come, or what, and never heard back.

The stumps were small, one about 6" diameter, the other about 5".  But we didn't like them just ... there.  I searched the Interwebz for info on DIY stump removal.   We didn't want to dig huge holes in the yard, and then have to refill them. We sure weren't going to set them on fire!  Renting a grinder was not in our best interest.  How were we going to address this?

We turned to DIY, but we didn't "grind" them.  The stump rot had done its job on the backyard stump, and time had done its job on the side yard stump.  We had #1 Son take his ya-yas out on the stumps with an axe, to about 2" below the surface.  Then just to be sure, we treated them again with stump rot ($8 at Westlake Ace), and covered with topsoil (1.97 at Westlake Ace).  DH is going to reseed in the fall.  I noticed the shoots have already gotten weaker.

So, for about $10, and without use of a gargantuan machine which would have dug up the lawn IF we could have gotten it through the gate, we took care of our stump issue.  It'll be a couple of years before the hump in the backyard is flattened, sure, but we can live with that.

Can't beat free!

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