Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Blues?

We got nothin' going on in the garden.  The first snowfall brought a change of scenery to the area, but it quickly melted, and we've got blah.

The squirrels think it's springtime, and well, let's just say there will be an abundance of baby squirrels in 2012.  Oh, I hope the dadgum rabbits aren't getting any ideas.  The geese and ducks are flying north these days.  And there are tons of birds hanging out on my crabapple tree.

Actually, one big bird is up there shaking the branches so that the mushy fruit falls down to a flock of other birds, who are chowing down.  Interesting.  And messy on my patio.  Ah, well.

It was 56 degrees on Christmas Eve, 50 on New Year's Eve, and will likely get to 38 today.  Close to 60 is predicted for a few days from now.  Outrageous!  We can certainly do without the feet and feet of snow and ice we've had in recent years (especially since my oldest just got his driver's license).  It does a lot of damage to the lawns, trees and bushes.  But I pity the kids who got sleds for Christmas.  There's always Mt. Crescent or Mahoney State Park, I guess, for sledding on man-made snow.

When the sun comes around the house, it'll be warm enough to crack a few windows and air out the house.  The air is still fresh enough, and the farmers haven't started prepping their fields yet (you know....landluft!).

We got three white pine saplings from Arbor Day Farm when the boys went last week.  I'll be planting those in my square foot garden pots in the garage, and bringing them out into the sunshine throughout the winter.  I plan to offer one to my neighbor, and two to the church and parsonage to replace ones removed during roadwork.

Unfortunately, there's no real work to be done in the garden right now.  Plus, I don't want to accidentally kill a plant.

What's going on in your garden these days?

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